Rebecca Peterson

Rebecca Peterson

Poppyseed Play E-commerce Store | Brand + Website Design

A high-end brand + website overhaul for Poppyseed Play.

The next time you are dissatisfied with a product you have purchased previously and then find yourself subsequently perusing the isles of a convenience store for a better product to replace it (It can be something as insignificant as searching for a new deodorant!), notice what brands stand out to you. The degree to which we are drawn to how something is presented to us impacts both our decision to purchase a product and also influences how much we are willing to spend. 

Knowing this simple truth, Kaelynn, the owner of Poppyseed Play contacted me. With her company having evolved so much over the years, Kaelynn raised the prices for her products, so her website needed revamping to reflect those changes. Before diving into the project, we collaborated to arrive at three primary goals:

1. Increase the number of sales made on her website

2. increase the average sales total

3. redesign the website to reflect a high-end product


Before I even envisioned the direction that I wanted to take Kaelynn’s website, I knew that I wanted to convert her into using Shopify. Shopify has the most robust platform for advertising, shipping and managing product sales (additionally, anything that isn’t already built into the system can often be found on the app store), making it a stellar option for ecommerce clients. Not only that, but its flexible system issues unfiltered access to code that allows me to add custom features to client’s websites that helps them to stand out in the crowd. After getting Kaelynn’s go-ahead, I chose to opt for colors and layouts that imitated the quality of her products and their modern, understated style. I did so with the intent that visitors to her website would feel inspired enough to visualize Poppyseed Play’s baby products in their own home and feel confident with their decision to purchase. Here were Poppyseed Play’s 60-day results:

1. Increase in website conversion rate by 1.2%

2. Increase in average order value by 18%

3. Updated website to attract high-spending customers


By implementing design that reflected clear ambitions, Kaelynn was able to achieve all of her predetermined goals. 


“Because of Rebecca’s gorgeous, high-end design, we were able to raise our prices $20 per item and sales are still rolling without a blip!!! That extra revenue is a game changer!” – Kaelynn 

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