Rebecca Peterson

Rebecca Peterson

Website Planning Guide

You deserve a beautiful website that's built to convert. Use this FREE GUIDE to define your website strategy in less than 30 minutes!

You know you need a new website, but you’re still unsure of what you need to do first.

Should you write copy? Find photos? Hire a designer? Before you get too overwhelmed and hide under the covers, let me share some advice. I’ve designed 50+ custom websites and I know exactly what you need to get a website that really works.

The truth is, websites are more complex than they appear. You have to consider the content, the design, and the strategy, otherwise you’ll end up with what I call a “brochure website.” Your site may be beautiful but it doesn’t compel visitors to actually do something.

If you’re willing to take a step back and evaluate your website from a bird’s eye view, you’ll have a plan for your website that you can use to build yourself, or take to a designer (me)!

Free Download

Get my complete Website Planning Guide and make a plan for your entire website in less than an hour.

(This the exact outline I use with my clients!)

Thanks for reading!

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